[[t]wɪθ, wɪð[/t]]
1) accompanied by; accompanying:
I will go with you[/ex]
2) in some particular relation to (esp. implying interaction, company, association, conjunction, or connection):
I dealt with the problem. She agreed with me[/ex]
3) characterized by or having:
a person with initiative[/ex]
4) by the use of as a means or instrument; using:
cut with a knife[/ex]
5) in a manner using or showing:
to work with diligence[/ex]
6) in correspondence, comparison, or proportion to:
How does their plan compare with ours?[/ex]
7) in regard to:
to be pleased with a gift[/ex]
8) owing to:
to shake with fear[/ex]
9) in the region, sphere, or view of:
It is day with us while it is night with the Chinese[/ex]
10) from:
to part with a thing[/ex]
11) against, as in opposition or competition:
Don't fight with your brother[/ex]
12) in the keeping or service of:
to leave something with a friend[/ex]
13) in affecting the judgment, estimation, or consideration of:
Her argument carried a lot of weight with the trustees[/ex]
14) at the same time as or immediately after; upon:
And with that last remark, she turned and left[/ex]
15) of the same opinion or conviction as:
Are you with me on this issue?[/ex]
16) in proximity to or in the same household as:
He lives with his parents[/ex]
17) fun (used as a function word to specify an additional circumstance or condition):
We climbed the hill, with Jeff following behind[/ex]
Etymology: bef. 900; ME, OE: opposite, against (c. ON vith), appar. short var. of OE wither against, c. OS withar, OHG widar, ON vithr, Go withra

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